Coomera Anglican College Student Mobile Device Programme

Battery Care and Charging

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Daily Requirements

  • Mobile devices must be brought to the College each day with the battery fully charged.
  • Students need to charge their mobile device battery each evening.
  • In exceptional circumstances where the student does not have a charged battery, he/she may be able to swap a battery at the IT Helpdesk.
  • Students who regularly fail to charge their mobile device batteries and come to the College with a non-operational mobile device will face disciplinary action.

Battery Swap Times

The IT Department will keep a small number of spare batteries to exchange with mobile device batteries.

Battery swap time will be only at:

  • Lunch
  • In exceptional circumstances with a note from the teacher.

General Care and Charging

Mobile device batteries have a limited lifetime. Taking care when charging and using the battery will prolong its useful life.

These steps should be taken when charging your battery:

  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged on the first charge.
  • Batteries should be left on the charger overnight.

It is important that the battery should be allowed to fully discharge at least once every term. This will ensure longer battery life.

Battery life may vary depending on how it is used. Continuous misuse of the battery may result in a shorter life.