Coomera Anglican College Student Mobile Device Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

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What criteria were used in selecting the mobile device?

A rigorous selection process was undertaken by the College for the choice of the mobile device. Some of the important factors considered when selecting the mobile device included:

  • Performance
  • Specifications
  • Battery life
  • Quality and sturdiness of the product
  • Weight
  • Maintenance and support
  • Cost
  • Suitability for students to use at home and at the College

Who owns the mobile device?

The mobile device remains the property of Coomera Anglican College. The mobile device is the personal learning tool for each student and appropriate care must be taken while it is with the student.

Will my child get to keep the mobile device after the three year period?

The College will collect and return the mobile devices to a leasing company at the end of the three year period.

May my child use a mobile device we already own?

Students may only use the allocated mobile devices with software licensed to the College. Personal mobile devices will not be supported.

Is the mobile device insured?

Yes, each mobile device is insured for accidental damage, theft and loss while at the College. Parents/guardians should list the eMind mobile device in their home insurance policy. The College policy is comprehensive but as with all insurance policies there are exclusions. Travel Insurance to cover the mobile device must be taken out if you take the mobile device away from home.

Are there costs if the mobile device is damaged or stolen?

Currently (2017), accidental damage is capped at $100 and the excess on the theft is $750. For more information parents/guardians should refer to the eMind Student Mobile Device Contract.

Where will my child charge the battery at school?

Batteries should be fully charged each night. We selected a mobile device with a battery that should provide enough charge for the whole day. The College will acquire some additional batteries that can be exchanged at the IT Helpdesk. Students are not to bring battery chargers to College.

Can personal software be installed on the mobile devices?

Personal software can be installed on the mobile device provided it is legal. Personal software will not be supported by the College and will be removed should any problems occur with the mobile device.

Can I connect the mobile device to our home wireless network and printer?

Yes, the mobile device can be configured to connect to the network and printers at home.

What if my child uses the computer to access inappropriate content, chat rooms or wastes time?

Filtering of websites will be done at the College to restrict access to inappropriate sites. However, parents are ultimately responsible for monitoring their child’s use at home. Parents are directed to the website for assistance.

Can family members use the mobile device?

No, students will be entirely responsible for the content on the mobile device. While students should allow access to parents at any time, they must not share login details with anyone or allow others to use the mobile device. The College will make the assumption that all content on the mobile device has been created or accessed by the student.

Will my child’s data be backed up?

At the College every student is provided with personal network storage space on the server. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have backed up their data in multiple locations (at least three).

What is shareware software?

Shareware is usually software that is written and provided for evaluation purposes and can be copied and distributed. You must pay a fee to the author of the software if you intend to continue to use that piece of shareware. The software will usually contain a message that indicates where you send your fee or 'registration'. The author retains copyright of the software. Most shareware authors will send you updated or enhanced versions of the product once you are registered.

What is public domain software?

Public domain software is available free of charge and can be copied and distributed freely. However, copyright still applies to public domain software. Therefore, if you intend to modify and re-distribute public domain software, you must obtain express permission and acknowledge the original authors.

What is the Australian Copyright Act?

The Australian Copyright Act 1968 and the Australian Copyright Amendment Act 1984 provide strong legal protection against unauthorised copying or use of computer software with heavy penalties that apply to individuals and organisations that breach the Act.

In brief, it is illegal:

  • to copy or distribute software or any accompanying material without the permission or license from the copyright owner;
  • to run a copyrighted software program on more than one computer simultaneously unless the licence agreement specifically allows this;
  • to distribute illegal software copies;
  • to loan software so that a copy can be made, or to copy software while it is on loan.

Can I download music, games, movies or books?

Does the mobile device have virus protection?

The mobile device has anti-virus protection software installed. This software will scan the hard drive and removable disks for known viruses on boot up. The virus software will be upgraded from the network. The College’s storage server is also installed with virus protection software.