Coomera Anglican College Student Mobile Device Programme

Mobile Device Usage and Care

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  • General Precautions

    • The mobile devices must be secured while at home, the College and in transit.
    • Keep food and beverages away from the mobile device. Students will be responsible for damage caused by food and beverage spills.
    • Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be plugged carefully into the mobile device.
    • Students should never carry their mobile device while the screen is open.
    • The mobile device must be turned off and placed into the carry bag before being moved between classrooms and between College and home.
    • The mobile device and the carry case must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels. Ribbons, small key rings and figurines may be attached to the carry bag for easy identification.
    • Students are responsible for keeping their mobile device battery charged for each school day.
    • The mobile device battery must not be shared with other students. Students are responsible for their mobile device batteries.
  • Using the Mobile Device at Home

    Mobile devices must always be handled with care at all times. The battery must be fully charged overnight, ready to be used the next day. After using the mobile device, it must be packed and placed in its carry case.

    Mobile devices must be secured while at home, at the College or in transit. They should not be used on buses. Mobile devices are allocated to the individual student and under normal circumstances should not be used by other family members.

  • Mobile Device Left at Home

    Unless specifically advised by their teacher, students must bring their mobile device to the College every day. Students are responsible for bringing their mobile device to all classes. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that the mobile device’s batteries are charged and ready for use. Under normal circumstances spare mobile devices will not be issued to students who fail to bring their mobile device to College.

    ‘I left my mobile device at home’ is not an acceptable reason for not submitting work.

    In situations where a student does not have access to their mobile device they will be required to work with pen and paper and later scan or type this written material into their electronic files.

  • Carrying and Using Mobile devices at the College

    • Mobile devices should always be closed and placed in their carry case when not in use.
    • Students must turn off the mobile device before placing it in the carry case. Overheating and equipment failure may result from mobile devices left on in their carry case.
    • Mobile devices must be placed on a flat stable surface, where it is at the correct height for typing.
    • To minimise the weight being carried during the day the carry case should only contain the mobile device plus its accessories. All other items should be placed the student’s school bag..
    • Students must take the mobile device home every day after College and fully charge the batteries.

    Carrying the mobile device while it is outside the carry case can be dangerous and may also be a breach of warranty condition. If a mobile device is dropped while not in a carry case, the accidental damage insurance may not cover the damage sustained to the mobile device.

    Security of the Mobile Device at the College

    • Students will need to set their password on the mobile device so it cannot be accessed without permission.
    • At any time the student is away from their mobile device, they must use the screen lock function (‹Cntrl›‹Alt›‹Del›). This will prevent other users accessing the mobile device. This will prevent other users accessing the mobile device.
    • Students must shut down the mobile device and place it in the carry case at the end of the lesson, before leaving the classroom.
    • At lunch time, students must lock their mobile devices in their classrooms or lockers unless otherwise directed.
    • Student must not use mobile devices outside class times unless under direct supervision of a teacher or in an approved location such as the library.
  • Mobile Device Usage During Lunch Time and After School

    The College will provide designated areas for students to use during lunch time. Students will be advised of the location of these areas. All allocated areas will be supervised by staff members.

    Students may use their mobile device after school in the Secondary Library for educational purposes only.

  • Mobile Device Storage

    • Mobile devices must be stored securely in students’ lockers or PC classrooms if they are not needed for any lessons.
    • Nothing should be placed on top of the mobile device.
    • The mobile device must be stored in a secure area during before-school or after-school activities. The College will provide a secure area wherever possible.
    • Under no circumstances should the mobile devices be left unattended unless in a secure area, student locker or PC classroom.
    • Students are expected to exercise every precaution to guard against theft.
    • Any unattended mobile device will be removed and taken to the IT Helpdesk for safe-keeping until claimed.
  • While in Transit

    Students must keep their mobile device inside the carry case while travelling to and from the College. Students must minimise the possibility of theft by ensuring that their mobile device is not visible from outside of their car. Mobile devices should not be used on school buses or public transport.