Coomera Anglican College Student Mobile Device Programme

Screen Care

Screens are expensive to replace and extreme care should be taken when opening or closing your mobile device screens. Place the mobile device on a firm flat surface and then lift the screen to open. Adjust the screen to a suitable angle.

Students should check there are no small items, such as a pencil or ear-phones on the keyboard at the time of closing the screen. These will damage or scratch the display screen when it is shut.

Students should never:

  • Lift the mobile device by the screen (lift the mobile device by its base only).
  • Lean on the top of the mobile device when it is closed.
  • Place anything on the mobile device that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Place anything in the carry bag that will press against the cover of the mobile device.
  • Wiggle or excessively move the screen as it may cause damage to the screen and hinges.

Anti-static cloths should be used to clean, polish and protect a mobile device screen, fingerprint smudges can be wiped off using these cloths. Damp cloths may be used but must not allow water droplets to trickle down the screen. Soft tissues may also be used.

WARNING: Household cleaners may cause irreparable damage to mobile device screens and should never be used.