About the Program

General Information

This information pertains to the eMind Student mobile device programme.

Students will be issued a mobile device computer or an equivalent device. The College provides network and internet access to all students to be used in the course of their studies. To ensure the eMind mobile devices are used effectively students and their parents/guardians must abide by the eMind Student Mobile Device Contract and the College's ICT Code of Conduct. Students and their parents/guardians must sign the eMind Student Mobile Device Contract at the time of collecting their mobile devices. Where there is more than one parent/guardian, each will accept full responsibility under this agreement.

If any part of the eMind Student Mobile Device Contract is not adhered to by users, the College reserves the right to take appropriate action, which may include one or more of the following:

Ownership and Control

Ownership and control of eMind student mobile devices will always remain with the College. Nothing in this agreement, or the delivery of the mobile device by the College, constitutes a transfer of ownership of the mobile device to the student, their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Obligations of the College

For its part the College undertakes to:

Obligations of Parents and Student

Students and their parent(s) and or guardian(s) are required to:

Students and parents should not:

Appearance / Personalisation

As the mobile devices are the property of the College, they are not to be altered or personalised in any way. Each mobile device will have its own Tekskin cover which will be personalised with the students name and number.

Students are advised to personalise the protective carry case using small figurines, small key rings or ribbons for easier identification.

The Tekskin cover on student mobile devices will appear as follows:

Mobile Device Storage while Going Overseas or on Holidays

The IT Department will offer a secure storage service during holidays or while a student and their family is travelling overseas, if required.

Travel Insurance Protection

If taking the mobile device away from home while on holidays, parents should ensure that appropriate travel insurance is in place to cover the replacement cost of the mobile device.

Replacement Mobile Devices

If travel insurance cover is not in place or does not apply, and a replacement mobile device has to be purchased, the parents/guardians will be responsible for the replacement cost of the same or a similar mobile device. The College will decide the model and configuration of the replacement mobile device.

Loan Mobile Devices

In order to maintain the continuity of the learning process, the College may provide a mobile device ‘on loan’. Where a ‘loan’ mobile device has been provided to the student the following applies: