Device Usage and Care

General Precautions

Using the Mobile Device at Home

Mobile devices must always be handled with care at all times. The battery must be fully charged overnight, ready to be used the next day. After using the mobile device, it must be packed and placed in its carry case.

Mobile devices must be secured while at home, at the College or in transit. They should not be used on buses. Mobile devices are allocated to the individual student and under normal circumstances should not be used by other family members.

Using the Mobile Device at Home

Unless specifically advised by their teacher, students must bring their mobile device to the College every day. Students are responsible for bringing their mobile device to all classes. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that the mobile device’s batteries are charged and ready for use. Under normal circumstances spare mobile devices will not be issued to students who fail to bring their mobile device to College.

‘I left my mobile device at home’ is not an acceptable reason for not submitting work.

In situations where a student does not have access to their mobile device they will be required to work with pen and paper and later scan or type this written material into their electronic files.

Carrying and Using Mobile devices at the College

Carrying the mobile device while it is outside the carry case can be dangerous and may also be a breach of warranty condition. If a mobile device is dropped while not in a carry case, the accidental damage insurance may not cover the damage sustained to the mobile device.

Security of the Mobile Device at the College

Mobile Device Usage During Lunch Time and After School

The College will provide designated areas for students to use during lunch time. Students will be advised of the location of these areas. All allocated areas will be supervised by staff members.

Students may use their mobile device after school in the Secondary Library for educational purposes only.

Mobile Device Storage

While in Transit

Students must keep their mobile device inside the carry case while travelling to and from the College. Students must minimise the possibility of theft by ensuring that their mobile device is not visible from outside of their car. Mobile devices should not be used on school buses or public transport.

Battery Charging Daily Requirements

Battery General Care and Charging

Mobile device batteries have a limited lifetime. Taking care when charging and using the battery will prolong its useful life.

These steps should be taken when charging your battery:

It is important that the battery should be allowed to fully discharge at least once every term. This will ensure longer battery life.

Battery life may vary depending on how it is used. Continuous misuse of the battery may result in a shorter life.

Screen Care

Screens are expensive to replace and extreme care should be taken when opening or closing your mobile device screens. Place the mobile device on a firm flat surface and then lift the screen to open. Adjust the screen to a suitable angle.

Students should check there are no small items, such as a pencil or ear-phones on the keyboard at the time of closing the screen. These will damage or scratch the display screen when it is shut.

Students should never:

Anti-static cloths should be used to clean, polish and protect a mobile device screen, fingerprint smudges can be wiped off using these cloths. Damp cloths may be used but must not allow water droplets to trickle down the screen. Soft tissues may also be used.

WARNING: Household cleaners may cause irreparable damage to mobile device screens and should never be used.

Reporting Damage and Faults

Any damage to the mobile device or faults must be reported to the IT Helpdesk immediately. This can be done by:

After the mobile device is repaired the student will be notified to collect the mobile device from the IT Helpdesk.

In cases where a mobile device repair will take more than 24 hours, a loan mobile device may be provided.

Refer to eMind Student Mobile Device Contract for accidental damage and repair information.

Reporting Stolen and Missing Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices misplaced or lost at the College must be reported immediately to the class teacher or Head of Year and subsequently to the IT Helpdesk.

Refer to eMind Student Mobile Device Contract for procedures in the event of stolen and/or missing mobile devices.

Normal Mobile Device Return

At the end of the lease period or upon leaving the College, students must return their mobile device in as close to original condition and working order as possible.

Mobile Devices must be in their carry case with the battery and charger. Missing items and/or unacceptable damage to the mobile device, carry case or chargers may incur charges to parents/guardians.

Early Return Policy

If a student leaves the College prior to the end of the mobile device’s 3-year lifecycle the mobile device must be returned to the College before or on the students last day at the College. The mobile device must be returned as close to the original condition when it was issued.