Coomera Anglican College Laptop Program

Our students’ world is filled with technology. As responsible educators, we strive to prepare our students to be responsible, productive and ethical users of technology both at the College and in the wider society. Teaching and learning programmes in the 21st Century rely on flexible, high-quality access to technology, both inside and outside the College. Revolutionising the learning process, our College is moving towards the use of digital curriculum and teaching and learning practices that are enhanced by information and communication technologies (ICTs). Accordingly, the College will employ highly-functional mobile devices to enhance delivery of many educational programmes.

Coomera Anglican College has been a leader in the use of (ICTs) for many years. During 2012, Coomera Anglican College commenced its rollout of a one-to-one mobile device programme. The programme is called eMind.

The eMind programme provides students in Year 7 to Year 12 with a College-owned take-home mobile device that they then use for three years. As time goes on and technology develops the College will select the most appropriate and highest quality device each year.

The College eMind programme is an exciting, yet challenging addition to the educational services offered at the College that will maximise the teaching and learning opportunities for students across all learning areas. Students will benefit from using a consistent suite of modern tools and resources.

Our children, who are sometimes called ‘digital natives’, are accustomed to a technology-rich world and consequently are more engaged in their learning when technology forms a significant part of the classroom environment. The Coomera Anglican College eMind Mobile Device Programme is a major innovation bringing modern teaching and learning processes, more engaging and personalised learning environments, and new levels of student accountability to the learning process.